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Metro Camarones pictogram.svg Camarones
STC rapid transit
Metro Camarones 06.jpg
LocationAv. Ferrocarriles Nacionales
San Francisco Tetecala, Azcapotzalco
Mexico City
Coordinates19°28′45″N 99°11′24″W / 19.479135°N 99.190063°W / 19.479135; -99.190063Coordinates: 19°28′45″N 99°11′24″W / 19.479135°N 99.190063°W / 19.479135; -99.190063
Platforms2 side platforms
Structure typeUnderground
Opened29 November 1988
Preceding station Mexico City Metro.svg STC Following station
Aquiles Serdán
toward El Rosario
Line 7 Refinería
Route map
El Rosario workshops
El Rosario
Mexico City Metro Line 6
Aquiles Serdán
Mexico City Metro Line 2
San Joaquín
Mexico City Metro Line 1 Mexico City Metro Line 9
San Pedro de los Pinos
San Antonio
Mexico City Metro Line 12
Barranca del Muerto
Camarones is located in Mexico City
Metro Camarones pictogram.svg Camarones
Location within Mexico City

Camarones is a station along Line 7 of the Mexico City Metro.[2][3] It is located in Colonia Barrio Santa Cruz Acayucan district in the Azcapotzalco borough, north of Mexico City, Mexico.[2] The station was opened with the others along the northern portion of Line 7 on 29 November 1988.[4]

Its name and logo come from a town that once existed nearby, the town of Camarones. Camarón means shrimp, a name given because the adjoining river was home to a plentiful species of shrimp, known locally as Acociles (Cambarellus montezumae), which were part of the prehispanic, colonial and early 20th century diet of the inhabitants of Mexico City. Near Camarones metro station is the Mexico City oil refinery. It also connects with trolleybus line I, which runs between Metro Chapultepec and Metro El Rosario.[5]


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