Michael Oak Waldorf School

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Michael Oak Waldorf School
4 Marlow Road, Kenilworth


Coordinates33°59′47.5″S 18°28′26″E / 33.996528°S 18.47389°E / -33.996528; 18.47389Coordinates: 33°59′47.5″S 18°28′26″E / 33.996528°S 18.47389°E / -33.996528; 18.47389
School typeWaldorf
GradesPre-K - Grade 12

Michael Oak Waldorf School is a co-educational Waldorf school in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Founded in 1962, the school is divided into a pre-school, primary school and high school and offers playgroup through to Grade 12.[1][2][3] Michael Oak Waldorf School is located in the suburb of Kenilworth and is a registered independent school.[4][5]


Michael Oak Waldorf School began as a single house in Rosmead Avenue, Kenilworth in 1962. The property was bought by parents at an auction and was made into the school's first classroom, accommodating 15 students. Over the next few years, more classrooms as well as a school hall was built. The parents eventually expanded the school and created a kindergarten inside the neighbour's home.[6]

For more information please visit their website.: http://www.michaeloak.org.za


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