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Michael Weiss
EducationTownsend Harris High School, Flushing, New York City (Grad. 1998)
Alma materDartmouth College, New Hampshire B.A. History (Grad. 2002)
OccupationJournalist, Analyst, Author
EmployerThe Daily Beast, New York City "Coda Media", New York City
Known forSenior Editor, The Daily Beast
Editor-in-Chief, Interpreter (online magazine)
Security Analyst, CNN
Columnist, Foreign Policy magazine
Spouse(s)Amy Thirjung (2011-Present)

Michael Weiss is an American journalist and author. Weiss is a senior editor for The Daily Beast, a consulting executive editor at Coda Story, a columnist for Foreign Policy, an author and a frequent national security analyst and contributor for CNN.[1]


Weiss was born to a Jewish family[2] and educated at Townsend Harris High School, a public magnet high school in Flushing, Queens in New York City, from which he graduated in 1998,[3] followed by Dartmouth College in 2002 with a B.A. in History.[4]

Life and career[edit]

Weiss has served as co-chair of the Russia Studies Centre at the Henry Jackson Society (HJS).[5]

Weiss currently serves as the editor-in-chief for the online magazine Interpreter, which translates and analyzes Russian news,[6][7] and senior editor of The Daily Beast, a regular columnist for Foreign Policy magazine. In 2015, he co-wrote the book ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror with Hassan Hassan.[8][9][10]

In November 2014, Weiss published a special report in his online magazine the Interpreter that accused Russia of waging "propaganda and disinformation" campaigns. Weiss's report included recommendations on how to confront Russian propaganda which included creating an “internationally recognized ratings system for disinformation.”[11] The recommendations were criticized in an article written by James Carden (executive director of the lobbying organization[12][13][14] American Committee for East–West Accord) in the politically progressive outlet The Nation as a "censorship campaign."[15]; Weiss would subsequently feud publicly[16][17][18]

In March 2015, in an article cowritten with Michael Pregent, Weiss accused Iran-backed Iraqi Shia militias of committing extensive atrocities against Sunni civilians in the course of their war against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, including "burning people alive in their houses, playing soccer with severed human heads, and ethnically cleansing and razing whole villages to the ground." Weiss and Pregent suggested that "Iran's Shi'ite militias aren't a whole lot better than the Islamic State."[19]

Weiss joined CNN in April 2017.[20]

Personal life[edit]

He is married to Amy Thirjung.[21]


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