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Mike Southon

Mike Southon BSC is a British cinematographer. He is a past President of the British Society of Cinematographers. As well as films, he has shot more than 250 music videos and 200 television commercials.



  • 1977 The Madonna and the Volcano [prod: Mike Radford doc/54m; cph: John Hooper; ep 3-part Omnibus Italia season (part of BBC-TV arts series 'Omnibus')
  • 1977 Hospital [Roger Mills] 9-part doc series for BBC-TV; cph: Grenville Dobson
  • 1978 Seeing Through Drawing [Michael Dibb] doc/119m; cph: John Hooper; ep BBC-TV arts series The Lively Arts
  • 1979 A Change of Sex [ep #1 'George - The Big Decision' & #2 'Julia - The First Year' dir by David Pearson] 3-part series/16mm, 1980; cph (#2): David Feig; ep #3 ph by David Feig & Keith Taylor; followed by 4 ep in 1994 & 1999
  • 1980 In the Making [ep #2 (19m) 'Lute Making - Stephen Gottlieb' & #7 (19m) 'Theatre Design - Pamela Howard'; series prod: John Read] 9-part BBC-TV doc series; cph (#2): Alec Curtis, a.o.
  • 1980 Dallas The Big Store [Jana Bokova] doc/53m; ep (1981) BBC-TV arts series Omnibus
  • 1980 Chelsea Hotel [Nigel Finch] doc/55m; ep (1981) BBC-TV arts series Arena
  • 1980 Feeling for the Sound [Dave Hutt] mus doc/29m; ep #4 of 6-part series Sounds Different
  • 1980 Dire Straits [Nigel Finch] mus doc/58m; ep BBC-TV arts series Arena
  • 1980 When the Dancing Had to Stop [series prod: Leslie Megahey] doc/60m; cph: Colin Waldeck; ep BBC-TV arts series Omnibus
  • 1981 The Leader's Tale [prod: Tony Laryea] doc/48m; ep #12 of 12-part BBC-TV series Tales of Twelve Cities
  • 1981 Behind the Scenes with... John Glenister [Christopher Swann] doc/29m; ep #8 of 10-part BBC-TV series Behind the Scenes with...
  • 1981 The Great Art Dictator [prod: David Wallace] doc/54m
  • 1981 Desert Island Discs [Anthony Wall] doc/47m; ep (1982) BBC-TV arts series Arena; repeated in January 1992 with new introduction
  • 1982 Survivalists [prod: Paul Hamann] doc/48m; ep BBC-TV series The Tuesday Documentary
  • 1982 Upon Westminster Bridge [Anthony Wall] doc/52m; ep BBC-TV arts series Arena
  • 1982 Burroughs: The Movie Howard Brookner doc/b&w-c/85m; cph: Tom DiCillo, Richard Camp, James Lebovitz, a.o.; ep (1983) BBC-TV arts series Arena; also released theatrically
  • 1982 Bergerac [ep #12 "Always Leave Them Laughing" dir by Peter Smith] 87-part series, 1981–91; 2nd season, 1983
  • 1982 Where's the Key? [David Wheatley] tvm/65m
  • 1983 Kurt Vonnegut [: So It Goes] [Nigel Finch] doc/60m; ep BBC-TV arts series Arena
  • 1983 Borges and I [David Wheatley] doc/75m; ep BBC-TV arts series Arena
  • 1983 Sunset People [Jana Bokova] doc/110m; ep (1984) BBC-TV arts series Arena
  • 1984 The Caravaggio Conspiracy [Nigel Finch] doc/60m; ep BBC-TV arts series Arena
  • 1984 Beat This! A Hip Hop History [Alan Yentob & Dick Fontaine] doc/58m; addph: Sandi Sissel; special BBC-TV arts series Arena
  • 1984 Big Deal [ep #1 'Red Lady, Black Night' dir by Brian Lighthill] 30-part series, 1984–86; 1st series (10 ep)
  • 1984 The Sword and the Shield [Ian Duncan] doc/60m; cph: Peter Chapman; ep #5 of 8-part BBC-TV doc series SOE
  • 1984 Francis Bacon [: The Brutality of Fact] [prod: Michael Blackwood] doc/58m/16mm; ep BBC-TV arts series Arena
  • 1985 Ligmalion: A Musical for the 80s [Nigel Finch] docudrama/89m; ep BBC-TV arts series Arena
  • 1985 Khun Or - The Reed that Bends [David Wallace] dram doc/49m; ep BBC-TV series Global Report
  • 1985 The Triumph of the West [ep #5 'East of Europe' dir by Ann Hummel] 13-part doc series; other ph: Derek Banks, John Else, Brian Hall, a.o.
  • 1987 Elphida [Tunde Ikoli] tvm/60m
  • 1989 [Spymaker -] The Secret Life of Ian Fleming [Ferdinand Fairfax] tvm; 2uc: Ronnie Maasz
  • 1991 Prisoner of Honor [Ken Russell] tvm
  • 1995 Roald Dahl's Little Red Riding Hood [Donald Sturrock] tvm/45m; special BBC-TV arts series 'Omnibus'
  • 1995 Snow White: A Tale of Terror/The Grimm Brothers' Snow White/Snow White [in the Black Forest] [Michael Cohn] tvm; 2uc: Martin Grosup; opening seq ph: Arthur Wooster
  • 1999 RKO 281 [: The Battle Over Citizen Kane] [Benjamin Ross] tvm/b&w-c; originally to be made as a feature directed by Ridley Scott
  • 2006 The Mermaid ChairSteven Schachter tvm; uwph: Pauline Heaton
  • 2006 Lif'e Line [Jamie Payne] 2-part tvm
  • 2008 U Be Dead [Jamie Payne] tvm
  • 2010 The Little House (jamie Payne) tvm
  • 2012 Dr Who - The Hider in the Hou (Jamie Payne) TV series

Music videos (selection)[edit]

  • 1987 The Right Thing [a: Simply Red; d: Andy Morahan]
  • 1987 I Want Your Sex [a: George Michael; d: Andy Morahan & George Michael]
  • 1987 Faith [a: George Michael; d: Andy Morahan]
  • 1988 Monkey [a: George Michael; d: Andy Morahan]
  • 1990 Freedom '90 [a: George Michael; d: David Fincher]
  • 1991 Auberge [a: Chris Rea; d: Nigel Dick]
  • 1991 Cream [a: Prince; d: Rebecca Blake] cph: Deke Donelian
  • 1991 Diamonds & Pearls [a: Prince; d: Rebecca Blake] cph: Deke Donelian
  • 1992 One (Version 1) [a: U2; d: Anton Corbijn] b&w
  • 1992 November Rain [a: Guns N' Roses; d: Andy Morahan] cph: Daniel Pearl
  • 1994 Completely [a: Michael Bolton; d: Rebecca Blake]
  • 1994 Tell Me When [a: The Human League; d: Andy Morahan]
  • 1995 This Ain't a Love Song [a: Bon Jovi; d: Andy Morahan]
  • 2004 No Way Out [a: Phil Collins; d: Norman Watson]
  • 2004 Round Here [a: George Michael; d: Andy Morahan]
  • 2011 Where I Hope You Are [a: George Michael; d: Andy Morahan]

Films as director[edit]

  • 2000 Bubbles [short/11m] ph: Richard Terry
  • 2002 Air Bud: Spikes Back [feature; + ph] see Films

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