Mikhail Borodkin

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Mikhail Borodkin

Mikhail Mikhaylovich Borodkin (1852 – 1919) was Russian Empire lieutenant general, military lawyer and historian. He is best remembered as the author of a seminal six volume history of Finland, published from 1908 to 1915.


Mikhail Mikhailovich Borodkin was born in Bomarsund in 1852.

Borodkin was a graduate of Alexander Military Law Academy. Assistant to the chief military prosecutor, 1909; appointed head of the Alexander Military Law Academy, 1911; Senator, 1911. Member of the State Council, 1916.

Borodkin wrote extensively on the Finnish question. He published an extensive and detailed six-volume Istoriia Finliandii (History of Finland), published from 1908 to 1915.



  • Istoriia Finliandii (History of Finland). In six volumes. 1908–1915.
  • Finland: Its Place in the Russian State. 1911.

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