Mikhail Raukhverger

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Mikhail Rafailovich Raukhverger (also transliterated as Rauchverger or Rauverger; Russian: Михаил Рафаилович Раухвергер; December 5 (November 22 O.S.), 1901  – October 18, 1989) was a Jewish–Soviet pianist and composer.


Mikhail Raukhverger was born in Odessa. He graduated from the Moscow Conservatory under Felix Blumenfeld in 1927 and in 1929–1941 taught there.[1]

He then moved to the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic, where he composed early Kirghiz operas and ballets.[2] He composed several operas and ballets, a symphony and a symphonic suite, a cello concerto, three string quartets, piano pieces, more than four hundred choral works and songs as well as drama and film scores.

He was awarded Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1974) and People's Artist of Kyrgyzstan (1961).[3]

He died in Moscow in 1989, aged 87.

Selected film scores[edit]