Milano City Marathon

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Milano City Marathon
Milano marathon.jpg
Start line in 2019
LocationMilano, Italy
Event typeRoad
Primary sponsorGenerali
Course recordsMen's: 2:04:46 (2019)
Kenya Titus Ekiru
Women's: 2:22:25 (2019)
Kenya Vivian Kiplagat
Official siteMilano City Marathon
Participants6,308 (2019)
The public race in 2007

The Milano City Marathon is a marathon race held every April in Milan, Italy. It was first organised in 2000 by the Milano City Marathon Club and the first nine editions were held in November.


The 2009 edition of the race, initially set for November 2009, was shifted to April the following year.[1] The newly scheduled event featured a marathon, half marathon, and relay marathon event. The move proved popular and at least 7213 runners took part in the activities that year.[2] At the 2011 edition, the marathon and relay events saw more than five thousand participants each, making a record total of 10,203 runners.[3]

Barclays Bank became the title sponsor in 2012 and 13569 people participated in the day's events, including the marathon and relay races.[4]

The 20th edition of the race, originally scheduled for 2020, was postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown of Italy, with all registrants given the option of receiving a 100% discount code for the 20th edition, an 80% discount for the 21st, a 60% discount for the 22nd, or a 40% discount for the 23rd.[5][6]


Key:   Course record

Ed. Year Men Nationality Time[a] Women Nationality Time[a]
2020 postponed due to coronavirus pandemic[6]
19th 2019 Titus Ekiru  Kenya 2:04:46 Vivian Kiplagat  Kenya 2:22:25
18th 2018 Abdiwak Tura  Ethiopia 2:09:04 Lucy Kabuu  Kenya 2:27:02
17th 2017 Edwin Koech  Kenya 2:07:13 Sheila Chepkoech  Kenya 2:29:52
16th 2016 Ernest Ngeno  Kenya 2:08:15 Brigid Kosgei  Kenya 2:27:45
15th 2015 Kenneth Mungara  Kenya 2:08:44 Lucy Karimi  Kenya 2:27:35
14th 2014 Francis Kiprop  Kenya 2:08:53 Visiline Jepkesho  Kenya 2:28:40
13th 2013 Gemechu Worku  Ethiopia 2:09:25 Monica Jepkoech  Kenya 2:32:54
12th 2012 Daniel Too  Kenya 2:08:39 Irene Kosgei  Kenya 2:31:07
11th 2011 Solomon Busendich  Kenya 2:10:38 Marcella Mancini  Italy 2:41.24
10th 2010 Jafred Kipchumba  Kenya 2:09:15 Asnakech Mengistu  Ethiopia 2:25:50
2009 shifted regular schedule forward from November to April[1]
9th 2008 Duncan Kibet  Kenya 2:07:53 Anna Incerti  Italy 2:27:42
8th 2007 Evans Cheruiyot  Kenya 2:09:16 Pamela Chepchumba  Kenya 2:25:36
7th 2006 Benson Cherono  Kenya 2:07:58 Askale Tafa  Ethiopia 2:27:57
6th 2005 Hélder Ornelas  Portugal 2:10:00 Hellen Kimutai  Kenya 2:28:49
5th 2004 Daniel Cheribo  Kenya 2:08:38 Rita Jeptoo  Kenya 2:28:11
4th 2003 John Birgen  Kenya 2:09:08 Anne Jelagat  Kenya 2:29:23
3rd 2002 Robert Cheruiyot  Kenya 2:08:59 Margaret Okayo  Kenya 2:24:59
2nd 2001 John Saya  Tanzania 2:08:57 Alice Chelangat  Kenya 2:26:36
1st 2000 Simon Biwott  Kenya 2:09:00 Lucilla Andreucci  Italy 2:29:43


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