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The Military ranks of Zimbabwe are the military insignia used by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces. Being a former British colony, Zimbabwe shares a rank structure similar to that of the United Kingdom, and has replaced the military ranks of Rhodesia since 1980.

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country, and does therefore not possess a navy.

Commissioned Officers[edit]

The rank insignia for commissioned officers.

Rank group General/flag officers Field/senior officers Junior officers Officer cadet
 Zimbabwe National Army
Zimbabwe-Army-OF-9.svg Zimbabwe-Army-OF-8.svg Zimbabwe-Army-OF-7.svg Zimbabwe-Army-OF-6.svg Zimbabwe-Army-OF-5.svg Zimbabwe-Army-OF-4.svg Zimbabwe-Army-OF-3.svg Zimbabwe-Army-OF-2.svg Zimbabwe-Army-OF-1b.svg Zimbabwe-Army-OF-1a.svg
General Lieutenant General Major General Brigadier Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain Lieutenant 2nd lieutenant

 Air Force of Zimbabwe[1]
Canadian RCAF Mess Dress Of-09.png Canadian RCAF Mess Dress Of-08.png Canadian RCAF Mess Dress Of-07.png Canadian RCAF Mess Dress Of-06.png Canadian Air Command (1984-2014) OF-5.svg Canadian Air Command (1984-2014) OF-4.svg Canadian Air Command (1984-2014) OF-3.svg Canadian Air Command (1984-2014) OF-2.svg Canadian Air Command (1984-2014) OF-1a.svg Canadian Air Command (1984-2014) OF (D).svg
Air chief marshal Air marshal Air vice-marshal Air commodore Group Captain Wing commander Squadron leader Flight lieutenant Air lieutenant Air sub-lieutenant

Rank group General/flag officers Field/senior officers Junior officers Officer cadet

Other ranks[edit]

The rank insignia for NCOs and enlisted personnel.

Rank group Senior NCOs Junior NCOs Enlisted
 Zimbabwe National Army
Blank.svg Coat of arms of Zimbabwe.svg Zimbabwe-Army-OR-8.svg Zimbabwe-Army-OR-7.svg Zimbabwe-Army-OR-6.svg Zimbabwe-Army-OR-4.svg Zimbabwe-Army-OR-3.svg No insignia
Regimental sergeant major Warrant Officer Class 1 Warrant Officer Class 2 Staff Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Lance Corporal Private
(or equivalent)

 Air Force of Zimbabwe[1]
Blank.svg Zimbabwe-AirForce-OR-7c.svg Zimbabwe Air Force OR-8a.svg Blank.svg Zimbabwe Air Force OR-7a.svg British RAF OR-6.svg British RAF OR-4.svg British RAF OR-3.svg British RAF OR-2b.svg No insignia
Warrant officer class 1 Master technician Warrant officer class 2 Master sergeant Flight sergeant Sergeant Corporal Senior aircraftman Leading aircraftman Aircraftman
Rank group Senior NCOs Junior NCOs Enlisted


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