Military ranks of the Armed Forces of Gabon

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The coat of arms of Gabon.

The rank insignia of the Armed Forces of Gabon are worn on jackets and shoulder epaulettes. Being a former colony of France, the Armed Forces of Gabon share a rank structure similar to that of France. However, unlike those of France, it has additional field officer and junior officer ranks.


Gabonese Armed Forces
Land Force Air Force Navy
Rank Name Rank Name Rank Name
23.GLF-GEN.svg General 23.GAF-GEN.svg General 23.GN-ADM.svg Admiral
Général d´armée Général d´armée Amiral
22.GLF-LG.svg Lieutenant general 22.GAF-LG.svg Lieutenant general 22.GN-VADM.svg Squadron vice-admiral
Général de corps d´armée Général de corps d´armée Vice-amiral d´escadre
21.GLF-MG.svg Major general 21.GAF-MG.svg Major general 21.GN-RADM.svg Vice admiral
Général de division Général de division Vice-amiral
20.GLF-BG.svg Brigadier general 20.GAF-BG.svg Brigadier general 20.GN-CMDRE.svg Counter admiral
Général de brigade Général de brigade Contre-amiral

Senior officers[edit]

Gabonese Armed Forces
Land Force Air Force Navy
Rank Name Rank Name Rank Name
19.GLF-1COL.svg First colonel 19.GAF-1COL.svg First colonel 19.GN-CAPTFC.svg Ship-of-the-line captain, 1st class
Colonel major Colonel major Capitaine de vaisseau major
18.GLF-COL.svg Colonel 18.GAF-COL.svg Colonel 18.GN-CAPT.svg Ship-of-the-line captain
Colonel Colonel Capitaine de vaisseau
17.GLF-1LTC.svg Senior lieutenant colonel 17.GAF-1LTC.svg Senior lieutenant colonel 17.GN-CMDRFC.svg Frigate captain (senior)
Lieutenant-colonel major Lieutenant-colonel major Capitaine de fregate major
16.GLF-LTC.svg Lieutenant colonel 16.GAF-LTC.svg Lieutenant colonel 16.GN-CMDR.svg Frigate captain
Lieutenant colonel Lieutenant colonel Capitaine de fregate
15.GLF-1MAJ.svg First major 15.GAF-1MAJ.svg First major 15.GN-LTCMFC.svg Corvette captain (senior)
Commandant major Commandant major Capitaine de corvette major
14.GLF-MAJ.svg Major 14.GAF-MAJ.svg Major 14.GN-LTCM.svg Corvette captain
Commandant Commandant Capitaine de corvette

Junior officers[edit]

Gabonese Armed Forces
Land Force Air Force Navy
Rank Name Rank Name Rank Name
13.GLF-1CPT.svg First captain 13.GAF-1CPT.svg First captain 13.GN-LTFC.svg Ship-of-the-line lieutenant (senior)
Capitaine major Capitaine major Lieutenant de vaisseau
12.GLF-CPT.svg Captain 12.GAF-CPT.svg Captain 12.GN-LT.svg Ship-of-the-line lieutenant
Capitaine Capitaine Lieutenant de vaisseau
11.GLF-1LT.svg First lieutenant 11.GAF-1LT.svg First lieutenant 11.GN-SLTFC.svg Ship-of-the-line ensign, 1st class (senior)
Lieutenant major Lieutenant major Enseigne de vaisseau 1re classe major
10.GLF-LT.svg Lieutenant 10.GAF-LT.svg Lieutenant 10.GN-SLT.svg Ship-of-the-line ensign, 1st class
Lieutenant Lieutenant Enseigne de vaisseau 1re classe
09.GLF-2LT.svg Second lieutenant 09.GAF-2LT.svg Second lieutenant 09.GN-ENS.svg Ship-of-the-line ensign, 2nd class
Sous-lieutenant Sous-lieutenant Enseigne de vaisseau 2e classe

Warrant officers[edit]

Gabonese Armed Forces
Land Force Air Force Navy
Rank Name Rank Name Rank Name
08.GLF-CWO.svg Chief warrant officer 08.GAF-CWO.svg Chief warrant officer 08.GN-MCPOFC.svg Master chief petty officer 1st class
Adjudant-chef major Adjudant-chef major Maitre-principal major
07.GLF-WO1.svg Warrant officer I 07.GAF-WO1.svg Warrant officer I 07.GN-MCPO.svg Master chief petty officer
Adjudant-chef Adjudant-chef Maitre-principal
06.GLF-WO2.svg Warrant officer II 06.GAF-WO2.svg Warrant officer II 06.GN-SCPO.svg Senior chief petty officer
Adjudant Adjudant Premier maitre


Gabonese Armed Forces
Land Force Air Force Navy
Rank Name Rank Name Rank Name
05.GLF-SGM.svg Sergeant major 05.GAF-SGM.svg Sergeant major 05.GN-CPO.svg Chief petty officer
Sergent-chef Sergent-chef Maitre
04.GLF-SGT.svg Sergeant 04.GAF-SGT.svg Sergeant 04.GN-PO1.svg Petty officer 1st class
Sergent Sergent Second maitre
03.GLF-CPL.svg Corporal 03.GAF-CPL.svg Corporal 03.GN-PO2.svg Petty officer 2nd class
Caporal-chef Caporal-chef Quartier-maitre se 1ere classe
02.GLF-LCPL.svg Lance corporal 02.GAF-LCPL.svg Lance corporal 02.GN-PO3.svg Petty officer 3rd class
Caporal Caporal Quartier-maitre se 2eme classe
01.GLF-PFC.svg Private first class 01.GAF-PFC.svg Private first class 01.GN-SFC.svg Seaman 1st class
Soldat première Soldat première Matelot brevet
00.GLF-PVT.svg Private 00.GAF-PVT.svg Private 00.GN-SMN.svg Seaman
Soldat Soldat Matelot