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Milka Tadić, or Milka Tadić Mijović, is a well known journalist, international media correspondent and anti-war activist from Montenegro and former Yugoslavia. She is one of co-founders and the executive director of the first Montenegrin private independent weekly established in 1990 Monitor Podgorica, Montenegro. In the same year, before the break-up of Yugoslavia, she also co-founded the multi-ethnic, reform oriented organization Association for Yugoslav Democratic Initiative – UJDI. Milka Tadić Mijović was the first journalist in Montenegro who was fired for criticizing Milosevic's nationalistic policies in the nineties. Besides opposing war crimes and human rights violations of Balkan politicians, Ms Tadić Mijović is also a proliferate writer exposing abuses of state power and high-level corruption in her native country Montenegro. She is also a lecturer and trainer of investigative journalism. Reporters without Borders included her in their first ever list of '100 Information Heroes'.[1]


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