Milton Keynes South (UK Parliament constituency)

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Coordinates: 52°01′16″N 0°41′13″W / 52.021°N 0.687°W / 52.021; -0.687

Milton Keynes South
Borough constituency
for the House of Commons
Outline map
Boundary of Milton Keynes South in Buckinghamshire
Outline map
Location of Buckinghamshire within England
Electorate92,011 (2018)[2]
Major settlementsMilton Keynes
Current constituency
Member of ParliamentIain Stewart (Conservative)
Created fromMilton Keynes South West, North East Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes South is a constituency[n 1] represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since its 2010 creation by Iain Stewart, a Conservative.[n 2]


This constituency (and its counterpart, Milton Keynes North), came into being when the two Milton Keynes constituencies (Milton Keynes North East and Milton Keynes South West) were reconfigured following the Boundary Commission's Fifth Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies with the aim of equalising the electorate as between the constituencies in the light of population growth that had occurred mainly in the Milton Keynes Urban Area. This constituency is the more urban of the two.

Iain Stewart MP won the new constituency for the Conservatives in the 2010 general election. This new constituency is a very large part of the former Milton Keynes South West, which had been held by Phyllis Starkey for Labour for 13 years until the 2010 general election.

In the 2015 general election, Iain Stewart again won the Milton Keynes South constituency for the Conservative Party.


The constituency takes up the smaller part but more dense part of the Borough of Milton Keynes and is one of the borough's two constituencies. Milton Keynes South is primarily an urban area with some rural elements; the other, Milton Keynes North, covers a larger area and is more rural.[3]

At its creation the constituency comprised the electoral wards of Bletchley and Fenny Stratford, Danesborough, Denbigh, Eaton Manor, Emerson Valley, Furzton, Loughton Park, Stony Stratford, Walton Park, Whaddon, and Woughton.[4]

Changes proposed by the Boundary Commission[edit]

The Boundary Commission for England submitted their final proposals in respect of the Sixth Periodic Review of Westminster Constituencies (the 2018 review) in September 2018 which would reduce the total number of MPs from 650 to 600. Although the proposals were immediately laid before Parliament they were not brought forward by the Government for approval. Accordingly, they were not due to come into effect for the 2019 election on 12 December 2019, which was contested using the constituency boundaries in place since 2010.

The Commission proposed that the Stony Stratford ward be transferred to Buckingham. The boundary between the two Milton Keynes constituencies would be realigned once again, with Bradwell and Stantonbury being transferred from Milton Keynes North and south-eastern parts of the Borough moving in the opposite direction.[5]

Members of Parliament[edit]

Election Member[6] Party
2010 Iain Stewart[7] Conservative


Elections in the 2010s[edit]

General election 2019: Milton Keynes South[8]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Iain Stewart 32,011 50.0 +2.5
Labour Hannah O'Neill 25,067 39.2 -5.7
Liberal Democrats Saleyha Ahsan 4,688 7.3 +4.4
Green Alan Francis 1,495 2.3 +0.5
Independent Stephen Fulton 539 0.8 +0.8
Christian Peoples Alliance Amarachi Ogba 207 0.3 +0.3
Majority 6,944 10.8 +8.2
Turnout 64,007 66.4 -3.4
Conservative hold Swing
General election 2017: Milton Keynes South[9]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Iain Stewart 30,652 47.5 +0.7
Labour Hannah O'Neill 28,927 44.9 +12.7
Liberal Democrats Tahir Maher 1,895 2.9 -1.0
UKIP Vince Peddle 1,833 2.8 -10.4
Green Graham Findlay 1,179 1.8 -1.5
Majority 1,725 2.6 -12.1
Turnout 64,486 69.8 +4.0
Conservative hold Swing -6.0
General election 2015: Milton Keynes South[10]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Iain Stewart[11] 27,601 46.8 +5.2
Labour Andrew Pakes[11] 18,929 32.1 -0.1
UKIP Vince Peddle[12] 7,803 13.2 +9.5
Liberal Democrats Lisa Smith[13] 2,309 3.9 -13.8
Green Samantha Pancheri 1,936 3.3 +1.9
Independent Stephen Fulton 255 0.4 +0.4
Keep It Real Party Matthew Gibson 116 0.2 +0.2
Majority 8,672 14.7 +5.3
Turnout 59,019 65.8 +1.9
Conservative hold Swing +2.65
General election 2010: Milton Keynes South[14]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative Iain Stewart 23,034 41.6 N/A
Labour Phyllis Starkey[n 3] 17,833 32.2 N/A
Liberal Democrats Peter Jones 9,787 17.7 N/A
UKIP Philip Pinto 2,074 3.7 N/A
BNP Matthew Tait 1,502 2.7 N/A
Green Katrina Deacon 774 1.4 N/A
Christian Peoples Alliance Suzanne Nti 245 0.4 N/A
Nationwide Reform Party Jonathan Worth 84 0.2 N/A
Majority 5,201 9.4 N/A
Turnout 55,333 63.9 N/A
Conservative win (new seat)

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Notes and references[edit]

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  2. ^ As with all constituencies, the constituency elects one Member of Parliament (MP) by the first past the post system of election at least every five years.
  3. ^ Served as an MP in the three elections won under the Blair Ministry
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