Ming campaigns against the Mongols

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Ming campaigns against the Mongols refer to a series of battles and other military efforts conducted by the Ming dynasty against the Mongols.

These include:

  • Ming conquest of Yunnan, the final phase in the Chinese Ming dynasty expulsion of Mongol Yuan dynasty rule from China in the 1380s.
  • Ming campaign against the Uriankhai, an offensive military expedition campaign in 1387 of Ming China's army led by General Feng Sheng against the Uriankhai horde of the Mongol chieftain Naghachu in Manchuria, concluding with the surrender of the Uriankhai.
  • Battle of Buir Lake, fought between the Chinese Ming army was led by General Lan Yu and Mongol Northern Yuan forces under Toghus Temur, the Mongol khan of the Northern Yuan, at Buir Lake in 1388, concluding with the defeat of the Mongol horde and the capture of many of their people.
  • Yongle Emperor's campaigns against the Mongols, a series of aggressive military campaigns under the Yongle Emperor, from 1410–1424, against the Eastern Mongols, Oirat Mongols, and various other Mongol tribes.