Mireya Agüero

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Agüero Mireya
Mireya Agüero de Corrales.jpg
Known forMinister for Foreign Affairs

Mireya Agüero or Mireya Agüero de Corrales was a Honduras Minister for Foreign Affairs from 2013 to 2014 under two Presidents.

Agüero has a law degree and a degree in international relations. She joined the civil service in 1981 and the foreign service in 1983.[1]

She rose through the ranks and was made a Minister for Foreign Affairs for Honduras in May 2013. Agüero was appointed by President Porfirio Lobo following a brief period as Vice Minister[1] to replace Arturo Corrales who had been moved to Minister of Security.

Agüero worked under the new President Juan Orlando Hernández the following year, but she tendered her resignation in 2014 and it took effect on 15 November.[2]

In October 2015 it was announced the Honduras President was appointing Agüero's niece, María Dolores Agüero, to be the vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.[3]