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Mmuock, also called Mmock in some regions, is the language of the Mmuock (Mmock) people of western Cameroon. A writing system is based on the Latin script. Mmuock is a tonal language: the phrase a fa lèlā can mean at least four different things depending on the tone on the second 〈a〉:[1]

  • a fǎ lèlā. she has been wrong to cry
  • a fâ lèlā. she will be wrong to cry
  • a fȧ lèlā. she [when she wants, or has, to] makes the mistake of crying
  • a fă lèlā. she [as is in her nature] makes the mistake of crying.


The Mmuock alphabet has notations for fifteen tones and forty letters.[2]

Keyboard layouts[edit]

Some Unix-like operating systems such as Linux provide an XKB keyboard layout for the Mmuock alphabet. The keyboard layout is a variant of the layout for Cameroon English.[3]

Mmuock keyboard layout under KDE running on Ubuntu 17.04

Under Microsoft Windows, Android, the iPhone and iPad, a keyboard layout is available that uses Keyman keyboard layouts.[4]

Sample phrases[edit]

Zàlèsǣh (to one person)
Peì zàlèsǣh (to more than one person)
Enjoy your stay
Zàlènáng (to one person)
Peì zàlènáng (to more than one person)
How do you do?
À la ká? (to a non-elder)
What’s up? (casual)
Bon appetit / Have a nice meal
À tsá Ńtsēr
Bon voyage / Have a good journey
Qei lènda (to one person)
Peì qéí lènda (to more than one person)
Thank you
M nkongtè wúó (to one person)
M nkongtè wéí (to more than one person)
M nkongte̋


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