Moitozo Park

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Moitozo Park
San Jose - North Park (10285813225) (cropped).jpg
LocationSan Jose, California
Coordinates37°24′21″N 121°56′29″W / 37.4058°N 121.9415°W / 37.4058; -121.9415
Area6.3 acres (2.5 ha)[1]

Moitozo Park is a park in San Jose, California.


View from Moitozo Park.
Aerial view of Moitozo Park.

Moitozo ark was laid out and dedicated in 2003.[2]

The park is named after the Moitozo family, a long-established Portuguese-American family of San Jose, of Azorean origin, which had owned much of the land in the area since the 1920's.[3][4]


Moitozo Park is a large alameda (tree-lined park) in North San Jose, located on North 1st Street and Río Robles.

It is located within walking distance of the River Oaks station and Tasman station on the VTA light rail.


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