Moldovan National Division (basketball)

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National Division
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2018–19 Moldovan National Division (basketball)
No. of teams8
Country Moldova
ContinentEuropean Union FIBA Europe
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toA Division
Moldovan Basketball Cup

The Moldovan National Division (Romanian: Divizia Națională) is the top-tier professional basketball league of Moldova.

Current teams[edit]

Team City
Admirals Chișinău
Donbasket Dondușeni
Gama-Sind Cahul
Rîbnița Rîbnița
Tighina Bender
USMF Chișinău

Latest finals[edit]

Season Champion Runner-up Score
2008–09 ASEM UASM 3–0
2009–10 Gama-Sind ASEM 3–2
2010–11 UASM Donbasket 3–0
2011–12 Donbasket PGU-SDUSHOR League
2012–13 Donbasket Gama-Sind 3–0
2013–14 Donbasket Gama-Sind 3–0
2014–15 Donbasket UASM 3–0
2015–16 Speranța Donbasket League
2016–17 Basco Alfa Basket 3–2
2016–17 Basco Alfa Basket 3–2
2017–18 Basco Gama-Sind 3–0
2018–19 Donbasket Tighina 3–0

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