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Molesey Boat Club
Image showing the rowing club's emblem
Molesey Boat Club.jpg
Image showing the rowing club's blade colours
LocationGraburn Way (informally on Barge Walk), East Molesey, Surrey England
Coordinates51°24′26″N 0°21′4.5″W / 51.40722°N 0.351250°W / 51.40722; -0.351250 (Molesey Boat Club)Coordinates: 51°24′26″N 0°21′4.5″W / 51.40722°N 0.351250°W / 51.40722; -0.351250 (Molesey Boat Club)
Home waterRiver Thames
AffiliationsBritish Rowing
boat code - MBC
Molesey Regatta, Molesey Junior Regatta, Molesey Veterans Head
Head of the River Race (1st 2010), Henley Royal Regatta (numerous wins)
Notable members
Martin Cross, Chris Martin, Ian McNuff, Greg Searle, Jonny Searle, Philip Simmons, Andrew Triggs Hodge

Molesey Boat Club is a rowing club between Molesey Lock and Sunbury Lock on the River Thames in England. The club was founded in 1866 where its boathouse stands with hardstanding next to the Thames Path.

Molesey has been the organising or support club for Molesey Regatta since its inception in 1867.


Head of the River Race[edit]

2015: 2nd
2014: 1st (of 70. Unofficial as race was abandoned as wind increased.)
2013: Race Cancelled
2012: 2nd[n 1]
2011: 2nd[n 2]
2010: 1st[n 3]
2009: 4th[n 4]
2008: 8th[n 5]
2007: 3rd (of unknown number. Unofficial as race was abandoned after several crews sank.)
2006: 3rd
2005: 4th
2004: Race Cancelled
2003: 2nd
2002: 4th
2001: 4th
2000: 5th

Henley Royal Regatta[edit]

Women's events, most not integrated into main regatta - expanded to three in total in 2014

no wins to date

Henley Women's Regatta wins since 1991. † = composite (with other club)

Recent British Championships[edit]

Squads and management[edit]

The club consists of approximately 700 members, consisting of juniors, novices, seniors, veterans and Great Britain internationals of both genders.

  • Senior squad. Approximately 140 members. Molesey has been identified as and designated a "High Performance Club" for senior heavyweight men by British Rowing due to the breadth and extent of high standards among this group and professional coaching being available. With women and lightweight categories for both sexes, this is the club's largest active rowing group.
  • Junior squad. Approximately 70-80 athletes. Closely linked to a number of local schools. The junior system offers rowing from the age of 13. The Junior programme's objective is to build towards success at J18 level domestically and internationally.
  • Adult development. Approximately 60 members, offers rowing and sculling for people who want to take up the sport later in life with transition to the senior or masters categories possible.
  • Masters (formerly this category was known in rowing as Veterans) is the largest group in numbers whether or not including the club's discounted-fees Social Members. Masters categories A to H, men's and women's have representatives in most years at local, national and/or international events.

The club is run by a committee of 16 elected members, including the five officers of the club, Captain, Deputy Captain, Vice Captain, Secretary and Treasurer.


Some current racing members of note include:

  • Martin Cross: Olympic bronze and gold: 4- 1980, 4+ 1984
  • Ian McNuff: Olympic bronze: 4- 1980
  • Richard Stanhope: Olympic silver: 8+ 1980
  • Greg Searle: Olympic gold and bronze: 2+ 1992, 4- 1996
  • Jonny Searle: Olympic gold and bronze: 2+ 1992, 4- 1996
  • Philip Simmons: Olympian GBR 8+ 2004
  • Simon Fieldhouse: World Championships GBR 4+ 2006, 4x 2007
  • Fred Gill: Cambridge University Blue 2010
  • Dan Ouseley: Olympian 8+ 2004
  • Peter Marsland: Cambridge University Blue 2008, 2009
  • Ben Smith: Oxford University Blue 2008
  • Rowley Douglas: Monkton Combe 2nd 8+, Olympic gold medallist: 8+ 2000
Past and present members of the GB Rowing Team
  • Andrew Triggs Hodge: Olympic gold medallist: 4- 2008, 4- 2012
  • Tom James: Olympic gold medallist: 4- 2008, 4- 2012
  • George Nash: Olympic bronze medalist: 2- 2012, World Championships Gold Medalist 8+ 2013, Cambridge University Blue 2010, 2011, 2013.
  • Tom Solesbury: World Championships GBR 8+ 2006, 2007, Olympian 2- 2008
  • Tom Ransley: World Championships GBR 8+ 2009–2011; Cambridge University Blue 2008, 2009
  • Cameron Nichol: World Championships GBR 8+ 2010, 2011
  • Moe Sbihi: World Championships GBR 8+ 2010, 2011, Olympic bronze medallist: 8+ 2012, Olympic gold medallist: 4- 2016
  • James Foad: World Championships GBR 8+ 2010, 2011
  • Andrew Holmes: Junior World Champion GBR 4- 2009
  • Jim Walker: Olympic Games GBR 8+ 1992, 8+ 1996; World Championships GBR 8+ 1989 (Bronze); Junior World Championships GBR 4- 1986 (Silver)


The Molesey stretch allows a 4.5 km navigation from main weir to main weir and is shared with two other boat clubs, the Sunbury Skiff and Punting Club and the Millennium Boat House of Hampton and Lady Eleanor Holles Schools.[5] The second non-tidal reach above Teddington Lock, banks lack the funnelling walls at many points along the widening reach below, factors which lead to fewer waves on windy days. The club has organised or been the main supporting club for the organising of Molesey Regatta since it was founded, a year after the club.[6]

The club was the first place that Queen guitarist Brian May used his Red Special guitar live on stage with his group 1984.


The club does not currently have any sponsors. Previously it has been sponsored by a Building Society and the International Sports Promotion Society. The club has also received sponsorship from Sport England and Elmbridge Borough Council and other organisations and public bodies in the past.

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