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Linguistic classificationNiger–Congo
Map of the Momo languages.svg
The Momo languages shown within Cameroon

The Momo languages are a branch of the Southern Bantoid languages spoken in the Western grassfields of Cameroon.

The languages are:

Meta' (Moghamo)–Ngamambo, Mundani, Ngie (Mengum), Ngoshie, Ngwo (Basa, Konda), Njen, Amasi

Ethnologue 16 adds Menka, but that is a Southwest Grassfields (West Momo) language.

Blench (2010) notes there is little evidence that Momo belongs among the Grassfields languages as it has been traditionally classified. (The erstwhile West Momo languages are clearly in the Grassfields family.) Momo may actually be closer to the poorly established Tivoid group, though that may be an effect of contact.[2]


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