Monégasque Football Federation

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Monégasque Football Federation
Monégasque Football Federation logo.png
Founded27 April 2000
FIFA affiliationN/A
PresidentFranck Brasseur
WebsiteOfficial site

The Monégasque Football Federation (French: Fédération monégasque de football, FMF) is the governing body of football in the nation of Monaco. The association is not a member of FIFA or UEFA,[why?] but it does have membership to the NF-Board and its successor CONIFA.

The FMF runs the national football team and the three domestic cup tournaments played in the principality.


The Monégasque Football Federation was founded in 2000 and accepted by the country's government on 27 April. There is a small board of six people of Monégasque descent who are elected for four year terms to run the organisation. They aim to allow their members to play football together and organize friendlies.[1]


As well as administering the national team, the Monegasque Football Federation also organises three domestic cup competitions in the principality:

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