Mongolian National Basketball Association

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Mongolian National Basketball Association (MNBA)
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2017–18 Mongolian National Basketball Association season
No. of teams12

The Mongolian National Basketball Association (MNBA) is the top professional basketball league in Mongolia.[1][2]

Current clubs[edit]

Team Conference Location
Arhangai Altan Western Arkhangai Province
Khentiy Ebeg Western Khentii Province
Khovd AA Eastern Khovd Province
Sükhbaatar Eastern Sükhbaatar Province
Uvurkhangai Eastern Övörkhangai Province
Khuvsgul Eastern Khövsgöl Province
Uvs Nuur Eastern Uvs Province
Selenge Eastern Selenge Province
Tuv Ajmag Western Töv Province
Bayankhongor Western Bayankhongor Province
Darkan Garid Western Darkhan-Uul Province
Zavkhan Western Zavkhan Province


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