Monteiro-Mor Palace

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Monteiro-Mor Palace
Native name
Portuguese: Palácio do Monteiro-Mor
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Monteiro-Mor Palace
LocationLisbon, Portugal
Official name: Palácio do Monteiro-Mor, Edifícios Anexos, Jardins
TypeProperty of Interest
Monteiro-Mor Palace is located in Portugal
Monteiro-Mor Palace
Location of Monteiro-Mor Palace in Portugal

The Monteiro-Mor Palace (Portuguese: Palácio do Monteiro-Mor) is a Portuguese palace located in Lisbon, Portugal.


Monteiro-Mor Palace is located in the Lumiar parish in Lisbon.

The name of the palace dates back to the 18th century when the High Huntsman of the Royal House (Portuguese: Monteiro-Mor) D. Henrique de Noronha and his wife D. Fernao Telles da Silva occupied the palace.

The Portuguese National Museum of Costume and Fashion is currently installed in the palace.

The palace is surrounded by an eleven hectare botanical garden.


Coordinates: 38°45′54″N 9°9′32.4″W / 38.76500°N 9.159000°W / 38.76500; -9.159000