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Mulobezi is located in Zambia
Location in Zambia
Coordinates: 16°47′S 25°10′E / 16.783°S 25.167°E / -16.783; 25.167
CountryFlag of Zambia.svg Zambia
Admin. divisionSouthern Province
3,202 ft (976 m)

Mulobezi is a small town in the Western Province of Zambia, and the centre of its timber industry. Timber extends into Southern Province with which the town is economically linked.

Extensive forests of Zambian Teak grow on the sandy soils of the south-west part of Southern Province and the south-east part of Western Province. To extract the timber the Mulobezi Railway was built from Livingstone in the 1920s and once extended beyond Mulobezi to the north-west. Today, commercially viable stocks of the slow-growing teak trees are virtually used up and the timber industry is a shadow of its former self.


The railway still operates a weekly service from Livingstone with Mulobezi as the terminus.

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Coordinates: 16°47′S 25°10′E / 16.783°S 25.167°E / -16.783; 25.167