NATO Agreement on Safeguarding Defence-Related Inventions

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NATO Agreement on Safeguarding Defence-Related Inventions
SignedSeptember 21, 1960 (1960-09-21)
EffectiveJanuary 12, 1961
DepositaryUnited States
LanguagesFrench, English

The NATO Agreement for the mutual safeguarding of secrecy of inventions relating to defence and for which applications for patents have been made was signed in Paris on September 21, 1960. It entered into force on January 12, 1961 following deposit of the instruments of ratification by the first two countries, namely the United States and Norway.


Iceland, a founder of NATO with no standing army,[1] did not participate in the convention. The following countries are parties the agreement:

Country Ratified or
or Acceded
Albania 2010/10/23
Belgium 1961/11/19
Bulgaria 2004/10/22
Canada 1972/09/01
Croatia 2010/05/05
Czech Republic 2000/10/11
Denmark 1961/12/15
Estonia 2009/10/20
France 1965/02/17
Germany 1964/01/06
Greece 1963/08/15
Italy 1974/07/25
Latvia 2005/02/17
Lithuania 2004/09/22
Luxembourg 1967/03/03
Netherlands 1971/10/08
Norway 1961/01/12
Poland 1999/09/21
Portugal 1965/06/10
Romania 2005/08/04
Slovakia 2004/09/13
Slovenia 2004/09/28
Spain 1987/08/10
Turkey 1962/03/22
United Kingdom 1961/11/12
United States 1961/01/12


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