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Natalia Fyodorovna Alieva
Natalia Fyodorovna Alieva.jpg
Natalia Alieva in 2011
Born27 June 1931
Died10 February 2015
Alma materMoscow Institute of Oriental Studies
Known forwork in Austronesian languages
AwardsMedal of Friendship (Vietnam); Medal "In memory of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow
Scientific career
InstitutionsInstitute of Oriental Studies (Russian Academy of Sciences)

Natalia Fyodorovna Alieva (June 27, 1931 in Moscow – February 10, 2015 in Moscow) - Soviet and Russian orientalist, the noted specialist in Austronesian languages and, in particular, in Indonesian language, Principal Researcher at Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Brief biography[edit]

In 1954 she graduated from the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies with qualification "expert on Indonesia with knowledge of Indonesian and English". She worked at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 1959. Among her teachers was the pioneer of the study of the Indonesian language in the USSR Lyudmila Mervart. In 1963, she defended her PhD thesis "Indonesian Verb. Suffixes of Transition", in 1992 - doctoral thesis "Features of the Grammatical Structure of the Indonesian language in typological illumination".[1]

Aliyeva is the largest specialist in the field of Austronesian languages, the author of eight monographs and hundreds of articles in Russian, Indonesian, Malay , French, English and Vietnamese languages, the subjects of which are Indonesian and Malay languages, Cham, grammatical typology. She also specializes in Сham language[2] She is one of the authors of the world's first scientific grammar of the Indonesian language (1972), which was later reprinted in Indonesia in Indonesian.[3] Alieva's research is highly valued both in Russia and abroad.

A lot of Aliyev's life was devoted to scientific and pedagogical activity. For many years she was a member of the Dissertation Council of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in philology (linguistics), regularly worked as the chairman of the examination commission of the Eastern University on Indonesian, acted as an opponent for candidate and doctoral dissertations, reviewed monographs.

A great place in Alieva's work was occupied by scientific and organizational activities and international cooperation. She is one of the initiators of the creation of the Malay-Indonesian Readings and the Nusantara Society, in which she was a member of the Board, in 1991-1996 she was a Corresponding Member of the Bureau of the European Association for South-East Asian Studies. She has repeatedly participated in linguistic congresses and conferences in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Romania, the Netherlands, the USA, Germany, Sweden. In 2002, under the grant of the Council for Language and Literature of Malaysia, she conducted research on the grammar of the Malay language in Kuala Lumpur.[4]

Criticism. Evaluation of creativity[edit]

"This book is not only the first scientific grammar of the Indonesian language compiled by Russian linguists, but also the largest and most complete of modern Indonesian language grammars written in any language - N.G. Phillips on the "Grammar of the Indonesian Language".[5]


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  • Medal of Friendship (Vietnam)
  • Medal "In memory of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow]]


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