National Democratic Hungarian-Szekler Party

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The National Democratic Hungarian-Szekler Party (Romanian: Partidul Național-Democrat Maghiar-Secuiesc, PNDMS) was a political party in Romania.


The party began as a political group in early 1919 led by Béla Maurer, and started publishing a daily newspaper Új Világ on 27 April.[1]

In the 1919 elections held between 4 and 8 November, the group won eight seats in the Chamber of Deputies,[2] and four in the Senate.[1] The party itself was officially formed on 27 November in a meeting held at the Grand Hotel in Bucharest, with Lajos Dániel becoming party president.[3] However, it did not contest any further elections.[4]


Term Chamber of Deputies Senate
1919–1920 József Fay, Gábor Szabó, Mózes Pethő, András Fekete, Endre Morvay, Béla Maurer, Béla Lengyel, Károly Nesselrode Lajos Keresztszegy, Lajos Dániel, Győző Truppel, Iván Herepey

Electoral history[edit]

Legislative elections[edit]

Election Votes % Assembly Senate Position
8 / 568
4 / 216


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