National Revival (Artsakh)

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National Revival

Ազգային վերածնունդ
Azgayin Veratsnund
LeaderHayk Khanumyan
Founded16 May 2013
IdeologyArmenian nationalism
Social democracy
United Armenia (Armenia-Artsakh unification)
Political positionCentre-left
National Assembly
1 / 33

National Revival (Armenian: Ազգային վերածնունդ) is a social democratic opposition political party in the Republic of Artsakh. It was founded on 16 May, 2013. Hayk Khanumyan is the party's founder and leader.


The party describes itself as an Armenian nationalist and social democratic party. The party's goals are the separation of the government and business, establishing an eco-friendly economy and promoting rural development. The ultimate goal is creating a United Armenia, by unifying Armenia and Artsakh.[1]

Electoral record[edit]

The party participated in 2015 Nagorno-Karabakh parliamentary election and won 1 seat out of 33 in the National Assembly. Hayk Khanumyan is the only MP from the party.[2]

Election Votes % Seats Government
2015 3,709 5.38(5)
1 / 33

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