Niger Coast Protectorate

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Oil Rivers Protectorate
Niger Coast Protectorate

Flag of
Coat of arms of
Coat of arms
Anthem: God Save the Queen
StatusProtectorate of the United Kingdom
CapitalOld Calabar
Common languagesEnglish and various local languages
Christianity, Igbo religion, Islam, African traditional religion
GovernmentColonial administration
• 1884—1900
Consul General 
• 1884-1891
Edward Hyde Hewett
• 1891-1896
Claude Maxwell MacDonald
• 1896-1900
Ralph Moor
Historical eraNew Imperialism
• Established
• Disestablished
1 January 1900
CurrencyPound sterling
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Igbo people
Southern Nigeria Protectorate

The Niger Coast Protectorate was a British protectorate in the Oil Rivers area of present-day Nigeria, originally established as the Oil Rivers Protectorate in 1884 and confirmed at the Berlin Conference the following year. It was renamed on 12 May 1893, and merged with the chartered territories of the Royal Niger Company on 1 January 1900 to form the Southern Nigeria Protectorate.

Queen Victoria on a stamp of the Niger Coast Protectorate, 1894