Ninh Phước District

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Ninh Phước is a district (huyện) of Ninh Thuận Province in the Southeast region of Vietnam.

Ninh Phước has many farmers usually agriculting grapes and rice. Oxen are abundant. The city is currently underdeveloped.

An alternate name of this city is "Phu Quy".

Ninh Phước citizens were somewhat laidback. Due to the extreme weather, napping between noontime is a common.

The city is growing at a fairly fast rate compared to other cities in Vietnam. The city has many beaches and resorts that are in the making.

A typical meal from a shop would cost about 7,000.00 dong, which means a typical meal in Phu Quy cost about 50 cents USD.[a]

The primary transportation in the city consists of bikes and mopeds.


  1. ^ As of 2008, 16,000.00 dong = 1.00 USD.

Coordinates: 11°31′33″N 108°55′36″E / 11.52583°N 108.92667°E / 11.52583; 108.92667