Norimi Sakurai

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Norimi Sakurai
Personal information
Born (1971-04-20) April 20, 1971 (age 49)

Norimi Sakurai (櫻井教美, Sakurai Norimi, born 20 April 1971) is a Japanese ultramarathon runner. Sakurai is the current women's 100 km Track world record holder,[1] and the current women's 6H Track world record holder,[1]> and 2007 female winner of IAU 24-Hour Run 100 km World Championship.[2] She is a three time female winner of 100 km Lake Saroma Ultramarathon and a five-time female winner of Hasetsune cup, an endurance trail race in Japan.


World Records[edit]

  • Women's 100 km Track, 7:14:06, Lupatotissima  Italy, Sep 2003[1]
  • Women's 6hour Track, 83.200 kilometres (51.698 mi), Lupatoto Verone  Italy, Sept 2003[1]

World Championship[edit]

Other races[edit]

Personal life[edit]

Sakurai was in the school's athletic club in her teens, and competed on the Wandervogel Club in University.[5] After joining her first full marathon in 1996, Sakurai started joining various types of ultramarathon events.[5] She now works for Adventure Divas and runs as a guide for people with hearing difficulties.[5]

When Sakurai won the 2007 World Championship in Netherland, she ran with her water bottle in hand until the next aid station came.[6] When asked, she answered that she did not want to throw it on the street.[6]


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