North Portland Harbor

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North Portland Harbor
Oregon Slough Railroad Bridge full.jpg
Railroad bridge over the channel
North Portland Harbor is located in Oregon
North Portland Harbor
Location of the mouth of North Portland Harbor in Oregon
CountryUnited States
County, CityMultnomah, Portland
Physical characteristics
SourceColumbia River
 ⁃ locationabout 108 miles (174 km) from the Columbia mouth
MouthColumbia River
 ⁃ location
about 103 miles (166 km) from the Columbia mouth
 ⁃ coordinates
45°37′48″N 122°43′54″W / 45.63000°N 122.73167°W / 45.63000; -122.73167Coordinates: 45°37′48″N 122°43′54″W / 45.63000°N 122.73167°W / 45.63000; -122.73167[1]
 ⁃ elevation
10 ft (3.0 m)[1]
Length5 mi (8.0 km)[2]

The North Portland Harbor is an Oregon waterway or channel in Multnomah County, specifically in Portland. An anabranch, about 5 miles (8 km) long, of the Columbia River, it separates Hayden and Tomahawk islands from the mainland. Flowing generally northwest, the channel rejoins the main stem slightly upstream of Kelley Point Park and the mouth of the Willamette River.[2]

The Interstate Bridge carries Interstate 5 (I-5) over the channel, and farther downstream the Oregon Slough Railroad Bridge carries rail traffic. The BNSF Railway crosses North Portland Harbor over the rail bridge.[3]

Terminal 6 of the Port of Portland lies along the mainland shore of the channel. Northeast Marine Drive runs roughly parallel to the channel for much of its length.[4]

The official name registered with the United States Board on Geographic Names is North Portland Harbor, although historically other names have been applied. These include Oregon Slough[1] and Hayden Slough.[5]

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