Northern Chanyu

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The Northern Chanyu (Chinese: 北單于; pinyin: Běi Chányú; Wade–Giles: Pei Ch'anyü, reigned 89–91) was an unnamed and obscure chanyu or ruler of the Xiongnu who lived in the 1st century CE.

In February 91, he was defeated by Geng Kui during the Battle of Altai Mountains, on an expedition sent by Dou Xian, and thence vanished from history. At the same time Hunnoi are first mentioned in the west by Tacitus as being near the Caspian Sea in 91 AD, hence the belief that Pei Chanyu might have travelled west. His younger brother Yuchujian Chanyu (reigned 91–93) was his sole heir, but was killed by generals Ren Shang and Wang Fu in 93.

A Northern Xiongnu Shanyu was responsible for driving Yufuluo and his Xiongnu tribes to seek refuge in Shanxi.