Noyemberyan City Stadium

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Noyemberyan City Stadium
Noyemberyan stadium.jpg
Full nameNoyemberyan City Stadium
Former namesCentral
LocationNoyemberyan, Armenia
OwnerNoyemberyan Town Council
Capacity100 (future 1,500)
Field size100 x 64 meters
Opened18 October 2013 (reopened)
Aznavour (1981-1997)
Yezerk (2006-2007)

Coordinates: 41°10′21″N 44°59′53″E / 41.17250°N 44.99806°E / 41.17250; 44.99806

Noyemberyan City Stadium (Armenian: Նոյեմբերյանի քաղաքային մարզադաշտ) is a football stadium in Noyemberyan, Tavush Province, Armenia.


The football field of Noyemberyan known as the "Central" during the Soviet times, was renovated between 2008 and 2013. Finally, the new Noyemberyan City Stadium was opened on 18 October 2013, with a capacity of 100 seats only. It is envisaged to install a permanent stand at the northern side of the pitch to increase the capacity up to 1,500 seats.[1]

The total cost of the stadium has totaled AMD 165 million.

The pitch was the home venue of Aznavour FC of Noyemberyan. The club used the stadium for the domestic competitions between 1981 and 1997 when it was dissolved due to financial difficulties.[2]

It is currently used as a training centre for the youth football teams of the region.


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