Nur al-Din Madrasa

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Nur al-Din Madrasa
الْمَدْرَسَةُ النُّورِيَّة
Kuppel Nur ad-Din Madrasa.JPG
Domes of the Nur ad-Din Madrasa
Suq al-Khayattin

FounderNur al-Din

The Nur al-Din Madrasa (Arabic: الْمَدْرَسَةُ النُّورِيَّة‎, romanizedal-Madrasah an-Nūrīyah) is a funerary madrasa in Damascus, Syria. It is in the Suq al-Khayattin, inside the city walls. It was built in 1167 by Nūr ad-Dīn Zangī, atabeg of Syria, who is buried there. The complex includes a mosque, a madrasa, and the mausoleum of the founder. It was the first such complex to be built in Damascus.[1]

The tomb-madrasa complex has two domes, first and the taller one is the oldest of the two and is over the tomb of Nur al-Din Zangi and the second, smaller muqarnas dome, similar to the dome of Nur al-Din's mausoleum belongs to the tomb of governor of Damascus Amir Djamal al-Din (d. 1269).[2]

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