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Oasis Academy Lord's Hill
Romsey Road

, ,
SO16 8BY

Coordinates50°56′26″N 1°27′22″W / 50.9406°N 1.4560°W / 50.9406; -1.4560Coordinates: 50°56′26″N 1°27′22″W / 50.9406°N 1.4560°W / 50.9406; -1.4560
Established2008 (2008)
TrustOasis Community Learning
Department for Education URN135628 Tables
PrincipalRobert Forder
Age11 to 16

Oasis Academy Lord's Hill is an Academy situated in the city of Southampton, Hampshire and specialises in Arts.[1] Oasis Academy Lord's Hill replaced Millbrook Community School and Oaklands Community School which both closed in August 2008.


The Academy opened in September 2008 in the existing buildings on the two sites of the closed schools, then moved to a new building in 2012. On merging, most students were White Britishheritage and the number speaking another language at home is low. The school was boy heavy, about 60%. Almost 50% the students had special educational needs and/or disabilities but no statement The majority had behavioural, emotional or social difficulties. [2] :2


Oasis Academy Lord's Hill is part of the Oasis Community Learning group, and evangelical Christian charity [3] Three quarters of the trust’s academies operate in the UK’s most deprived areas, with most rated by Ofsted as failing at the time they were taken over. The trust have guided forty schools out of special measures. 19 per cent of the 52 Oasis academies classified as failing. [4] The trust's founder Reverend Steve Chalke says "Turning round a school is sometimes a quick fix, it really, truly is. And sometimes it’s a really long, hard, hard job". There are two or three persistently troubled schools, with a 50 year history of problems and the trust works with the DFE and Ofsted to address them. [4]

Oasis has a long term strategy for enhancing the performance of its schools. Firstly it has devised a standard curriculum, that each school can safely adopt knowing it will deliver the National Curriculum. Secondly it has invested in staff training so they are focused on improving the outcomes for the students

Through its Horizons scheme it is providing each member of staff and student with a tablet. [5] It is run by Oasis Community Learning (a foundation established by the Oasis Trust).

Ethos and the 9 habits[edit]

Oasis Academy Lord's Hill, like each academy in the Oasis Community Learning group adopts the Oasis ethos and students and staff are encouraged to align themselves to these values. They are open about these being rooted in protestant Christian teaching, but encourage students to celebrate the richness of their own faiths.[6]It aims to

  • be inclusive
  • to treat people equally while respecting differences
  • be committed to healthy, open relationships
  • show hope that things can change and be transformed
  • persevere and to keep going [6]

The Oasis 9 Habits are the bespoke and unique approach to character development. These are promoted within the school, and provide the pupils with a benchmark for behaviour.

  • compassionate, patient, humble
  • joyful, honest, hopeful
  • considerate, forgiving and self-controlled[6]


Virtually all maintained schools and academies follow the National Curriculum, and there success is judged on how well they succeed in delivering a 'broad and balanced curriculum'.[7] Schools endeavour to get all students to achieve the English Baccalaureate (EBACC) qualification- this must include core subjects a modern or ancient foreign language, and either History or Geography.

Key Stage 3[edit]

The academy operates a three-year, Key Stage 3 where all the core National Curriculum subjects are taught. Teaching occurs in the mixed ability tutor groups. In year 9 students choose to do one creative subject in depth- which they will continue to the year 11 exams.

Key Stage 4 Core curriculum[edit]

English Language & Literature

Key Stage 4 Guided choices options[edit]

3-4 subjects are studied in further depth, with an emphasis on EBacc subjects.: EBacc GCSE - Geography, History, Triple Science, Spanish Art & Design Technology GCSE - Fine Art, 3D Design Performing Arts GCSE - Dance, Drama Creative GCSE - Music Technical - Health and Social Care, Business & Enterprise, Sport ,Media Studies, Food & Nutrition, Photography[8]


The Academy caters for around 700 students in the 11-16 age range, as of 2020. [9]


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