Ob Jezeru City Stadium

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Ob Jezeru
Full nameStadion ob jezeru
LocationVelenje, Slovenia
Coordinates46°22′22″N 15°6′15″E / 46.37278°N 15.10417°E / 46.37278; 15.10417Coordinates: 46°22′22″N 15°6′15″E / 46.37278°N 15.10417°E / 46.37278; 15.10417
Record attendance5,000
Renovated1992, 1998
NK Rudar Velenje (1955–)
ŽNK Rudar Škale (artificial turf) (1991–)

Ob Jezeru City Stadium (Slovene: Mestni stadion ob jezeru; literally, 'Lakeside City Stadium') or simply Ob Jezeru (Ob jezeru) is a multi-use stadium in Velenje, Slovenia. It is used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Rudar Velenje. The stadium is also used for athletics. Every summer it also hosts the annual international athletics competition. The stadium was completed in 1955. It was renovated in 1992, when a covered grandstand was added to it. In 1998, it got artificial lightning. It has a capacity of 2,341 spectators.[1]

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