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Metro Oceanía pictogram.svg Oceanía
STC rapid transit
Estacion Oceania.jpg
LocationVenustiano Carranza
Mexico City
Coordinates19°26′44″N 99°05′14″W / 19.445672°N 99.087238°W / 19.445672; -99.087238Coordinates: 19°26′44″N 99°05′14″W / 19.445672°N 99.087238°W / 19.445672; -99.087238
PlatformsMexico City Metro Line 5 1 island platform
Mexico City Metro Line B 2 side platforms
Structure typeMexico City Metro Line 5 Surface
Mexico City Metro Line B Elevated
Bicycle facilitiesNo
Disabled accessYes
OpenedMexico City Metro Line 5 19 December 1981
Mexico City Metro Line B 15 December 1999
2018Mexico City Metro Line 5 3,075,329[1]
Mexico City Metro Line B 3,612,009[1]
RankMexico City Metro Line 5 162/195[1]
Mexico City Metro Line B 155/195[1]
Preceding station Mexico City Metro.svg STC Following station
Aragón Line 5 Terminal Aérea
toward Pantitlán
Deportivo Oceanía Line B Romero Rubio
toward Buenavista
Oceanía is located in Mexico City
Metro Oceanía pictogram.svg Oceanía
Location within Mexico City

Oceanía is a station on the Mexico City Metro.[2][3][4] It is located in Mexico City's Venustiano Carranza borough, to the northeast of the city centre.[2] It's a transfer station for Metro Lines 5 and B.[2][3][4] It stands on the corner of Avenida Oceanía and Avenida Río Consulado, which is part of the Circuito Interior inner ring-road.[2]

General information[edit]

The station logo is a kangaroo – an example of the fauna of Oceania.[2][3][4] Near this station are the facilities of the Deportivo Oceanía sports center, that offers many sports activities at low rates. Oceanía also transfers to trolleybus Line "G", which runs between Metro Boulevard Puerto Aéreo and Metro El Rosario.

The station was opened for service along Line 5 on 19 December 1981 and for service along Line B on 15 December 1999.[5]

Train crash[edit]

On 4 May 2015, during heavy rain with hail, a train coming to the station toward Politécnico station, in Line 5, crashed into another train which was standing at the end of station, possibly due to weather conditions.[6][7] Analysis of satellite has shown the metro station increased its subsidence from 3% to 7% grade.[8] 12 people were injured,[9] and an employee died after he fell on the tracks during the cleaning process.[10]


Line 5[edit]

  • North: Norte 174 street and Río Blanco street, Colonia Pensador Mexicano
  • Southeast: Avenida Río Consulado, Colonia Pensador Mexicano

Line B[edit]

  • North: Avenida Río Consulado and Norte 170 street, Colonia Pensador Mexicano
  • South: Avenida Oceanía and Dinares street, Colonia Aquiles Serdán


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