Okahandja railway station

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Okahandja railway station
Railway station
Bahnhof Okahandja 1903.jpg
Okahandja railway station in 1902
Coordinates21°58′47″S 16°54′51″E / 21.9796°S 16.9143°E / -21.9796; 16.9143Coordinates: 21°58′47″S 16°54′51″E / 21.9796°S 16.9143°E / -21.9796; 16.9143
Owned byTransNamib Railway

Okahandja railway station is a railway station serving the town of Okahandja in Namibia. It is part of the TransNamib Railway.

Okahandja is situated on the WindhoekSwakopmund line, built in 1902 during Imperial Germany's colonial rule of German South West Africa. In 1914 this line was extended to Walvis Bay.[1]

Okahandja is connected to a number of towns in the north of Namibia via the railway junction in Kranzberg, which lies on the Windhoek-Swakopmund-Walvis Bay route, and to the south and east of Namibia via Windhoek.[1]


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