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Omicron Epsilon Pi
Omicron Epsilon Pi logo.jpg
FoundedFebruary 7, 2000; 20 years ago (February 7, 2000)
Tallahassee, FL
MottoNot for ourselves, but for all in diversity
ColorsRoyal Blue and Platinum
FlowerWhite Camellia
JewelThe Opal
PhilanthropyProject E.M.P.O.W.E.R.
ChaptersNational, Local City, Graduate and Professional
HeadquartersTallahassee, Florida
United States

Omicron Epsilon Pi (ΟΕΠ) is an American sorority and the first Greek letter organization catering to the needs of lesbian women with an emphasis on lesbians of color.[1][2]


In February 2000, students[citation needed] Lakisha Goss, Janiece Smith, Michelle McCallum and Stefany Richards created Iota Lambda Pi sorority. The intention was to create a Greek Letter organization that catered to lesbian women of color in order to uplift and uphold unity within the lesbian community. However, as the planning got under way, they realized an even greater need for an organization that catered to the needs of aggressive or dominant women. Richards and McCallum renamed Iota Lambda Pi Sorority a "fraternity," while Goss and Smith branched off to form Omicron Epsilon Pi Sorority, which be primarily for more feminine lesbians.[3]

The four founders are now known as "Sapphires". On February 5, 2005, Danielle Guess and Bruh Kalicia Fresh were inducted as founders.

Omicron's Philanthropy[edit]

Omicron Epsilon Pi's philanthropy project is called Project E.M.P.O.W.E.R.:

Educate- the LGBT and ally community
Motivate- people to become active in their communities
Prepare- the LGBT community for obstacles they may encounter in life
Organize- the LGBT so that they can be effective in the community
Work with- people in all areas to benefit the community as a whole
Equip- the LGBT community with resources that they can use in their own lives and communities
Reconnect- community members with each other so that they can be helpful to each other

This project has five main focus sub-programs including anti-discrimination, domestic violence, homelessness, LGBT parenting and families, and suicide prevention. Some projects currently going on within the sorority include seminars for anti-discrimination and hate crimes, domestic violence, and a suicide awareness and prevention seminar has been completed; also, the members in Atlanta, Ga have a First Saturday Sandwich Project (FSSP) in which lunch bags are prepared and given out to the homeless in downtown Atlanta.[citation needed]

Current Chapters[edit]

Omicron Epsilon Pi is a growing organization with four local chapters across the southeast, a national chapter for members who do not have a local chapter in their area, and the Gamma Alpha Pi Chapter for ladies 30 years old and above.[3]

The local chapters include:[citation needed]

Alpha Chapter - Atlanta, GA and surrounding metro areas

Beta Chapter - Orlando, FL and surrounding metro areas

Gamma Chapter - Ft. Lauderdale, FL and surrounding metro areas

Delta Chapter - Nashville, TN and surrounding metro areas

Epsilon Chapter - Tampa, FL and surrounding metro areas

The National Chapter for members who do not have a local chapter in their city is known as the Mu Nu Chapter.

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