Operation Manna

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Operation Manna
Airborne troops of 'C' Company, 4th Battalion, 2nd Parachute Brigade descending on Megara in Greece, October 1944. NA19340.jpg
British airborne troops of 'C' Company of the 4th Parachute Battalion descending on Megara in Greece, 12 October 1944.
DateOctober 1944
 United Kingdom

Operation Manna was the codeword for a Second World War operation by the British and Greek forces in Greece in mid-October 1944, following the gradual withdrawal of the German occupying forces from the country.

The operation included an airborne element, which was conducted by the British 2nd Independent Parachute Brigade on 12 October, when elements of the 4th Parachute Battalion parachuted onto the Megara airfield 28 miles (45 km) outside of Athens. The prevailing weather conditions forced the abandonment of further parachute operations and it was not until 14 October that the rest of the brigade, less the 5th Parachute Battalion, arrived. After landing, the 4th and 6th Parachute Battalions marched on Athens. On 16 October, the 5th Battalion and the brigade's glider-borne element arrived.[1]

The 2nd Para Brigade was reinforced by the British 23rd Armoured Brigade, and the British force took over the protection of the city.[2]

The British and Free Greek navies transported British and Greek troops, as well as the Greek government in exile, to Athens.


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