Order of Abdon Calderón

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Order of Abdón Calderón
Awarded by  Ecuador
Awarded forExtraordinary military service
StatusCurrently constituted
GradesFirst Class
Second Class
Third Class
First induction1904
Next (higher)National Order of Merit
Next (lower)National Order of Honorato Vásquez
Order of Abdón Calderón 1st Class (Ecuador) - ribbon bar.png

Order of Abdón Calderón 2nd Class (Ecuador) - ribbon bar.png

Order of Abdón Calderón 3rd Class (Ecuador) - ribbon bar.png
Ribbon bars of the order (from top to bottom):
First Class, Second Class and Third Class

The Order of Abdón Calderón is an Ecuadorian decoration instituted in 1904 and awarded for extraordinary military service. It is named after the revolutionary hero who died from injuries sustained on May 24, 1822 during the Battle of Pichincha.

Grades and distinctions[edit]

Recipients are awarded the decoration for extraordinary military service.[1]

The order has three grades:[1]

  • First Class
  • Second Class
  • Third Class

The ribbon of the order is half yellow, half blue and red. The class of the order is denoted by a star. The First Class star is gold, Second Class is silver, and Third Class is bronze.

Notable recipients[edit]

Sources and references[edit]

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