Millennium Skate Park

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Millennium Skate Park[1]
Owl's Head Skate Park
Nicholas Deconie frontside five-0 at Millennium Skate Park, Owl's Head Park.jpg
TypeSkate park
LocationBay Ridge, Brooklyn
Coordinates40°38′25″N 74°01′50″W / 40.640350°N 74.030685°W / 40.640350; -74.030685Coordinates: 40°38′25″N 74°01′50″W / 40.640350°N 74.030685°W / 40.640350; -74.030685
Area14,000 Sq Ft
CreatedNew York City Department of Parks and Recreation
OpenAll year

Millennium Skate Park, also known as Owl's Head Skate Park, is a skate park in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, located in Owl's Head Park, adjacent to the Sunset Park Greenway.[2][3][4]


The park opened in 2001, designed by pro-skater Andy Kessler, it was the first concrete skatepark built in Brooklyn.[2][5] The skate park was funded entirely by City Council Member Marty Golden and implemented by the NYC Parks' Capital Projects Division. The city worked with the skateboarding community to design the park.[6]

The park is approximately 14,000 square feet of skate park area, including both a street section and bowl section.[3] One of the bowls at Millennium Skate Park is eight feet deep.[2][6] In 2017, the New York City parks department repaired parts of the skatepark.[7]


In 2018, the Andy Kessler Day was held at Millennium skate park.[8] Since it was built, skaters have held many skate jams at the park.[7] The NYC Skateboard Coalition hosts a yearly pool series event at the park.[7]

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