Piezogenic papules

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Piezogenic papules
Piezogenic papules.jpg
Piezogenic papules on the heel of an individual with Ehlers–Danlos syndrome.

Painful fat herniation is foot pain caused by the herniation of fat through the thin fascial layers of the weight-bearing parts of the heel.[1] The herniation results in small bumps called piezogenic pedal papules[1] or piezogenic papules.[2] Though piezogenic papules are most commonly found on the heel, they can also be found on the wrist and palm.[3]

Piezogenic papules are relatively common; in one population-based study, the prevalence was found to be 2.5%.[4][3]They occur more frequently in runners, triathletes, and individuals exposed to long periods of standing.[4] They are also common in individuals with connective tissue disorders, especially Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.[5][4] However, due to their preponderance in the general population, the presence of piezogenic papules alone does not automatically indicate the presence of Ehlers–Danlos syndrome. In most cases, piezogenic papules are of little clinical significance.

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