Pakistan Volleyball Federation

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Pakistan Volleyball Federation
Founded ()
AffiliationInternational Federation of Volleyball
Regional affiliationAsian Volleyball Confederation
PresidentChaudhry Muhammad Yaqoob[1]
SecretaryEngr.Shah Naeem Zafar

Pakistan Volleyball Federation (PVF) is the national governing body to develop and promote the sport of Volleyball in the Country. The Federation was formed in 1955 and volleyball activities at the national level were taken up in an organized manner. PVF is affiliated with the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC).


  • In 1958, Pakistan National Volleyball team visited Iran for playing with the national team of Iran. Pakistan Volleyball won all the matches against Iran.
  • In 1989, Pakistan Volleyball team obtained 4th position in the Asian Volleyball Championship held in Seoul and defeated national team of India in the 4th South Asian Federation Games held in Islamabad.
  • In 1994, Pakistan Junior team managed to win the seven matches series against China.
  • In 2007, Pakistan Volleyball Team won one silver and one Bronze medal in 2nd Asian Central Zone Volleyball Championship held in Colombo, Sri Lanka and the 2nd Commonwealth Volleyball Championship held in India respectively.
  • In 2008, Pakistan Junior Volleyball Team won one Bronze medal in the 14th Asian Junior Men’s Volleyball Championship held in Tehran, Iran.
  • Presently, the Pakistan Volleyball team standing positions are; 46 out of 220 in the World and 7 out of 64 in the Asia.


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