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PanAm Post
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Logo of PanAm Post
Type of site
News site
Available inEnglish, Spanish
EditorDaniel Raisbeck
Alexa rank24,836 / 35,102 (Global / United States, Aug. 2017)
Current statusActive

The PanAm Post is a libertarian website that specializes in international subjects as well as topics in the Americas from a free market perspective. The website focuses on multilingual and international content in order to follow "the tradition of PanAmericanism". It was founded in 2013 and its headquarters is in Miami, Florida.[1][2]


Following the founding of the PanAm Post in 2013, former editor-in-chief Fergus Hodgson explained how the PanAm Post was devoted to keeping up with social change and would be the "front line of new media".[2] Hodgson said that the "bloated and inefficient organizational structures" of legacy media, along with governmental bureaucracies, were disconnected from the changing times.[2] Its current editors-in-Chief are the Venezuelan Journalist, Orlando Avendaño (spanish), and Colombian economist, Vanessa Vallejo.


The majority of visitors to the PanAm Post are from the United States, followed by Venezuela, Guatemala, Argentina, and Colombia, in that order.[3] Most visitors are college educated and visit the website at home.[3]


According to Richard Scheines, dean of the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences of Carnegie Mellon University, PanAm Post is "an incredibly rich online site that covers news and offers excellent analyses of all regions in the Americas".[4][5] In 2019 The PanAm Post was ranked in a Forbes article as one of the most prominent free-market magazines in the world[6].


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