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The Paraguayan football league system is a series of interconnected leagues for football clubs in Paraguay.


At the top is the Primera División or División de Honor(first division) with 12 clubs.

Below the 1st level is the Intermedia (second division).

In order to get promoted to the Intermedia there are two subdivisions at the 3rd level: the Primera División B Metropolitana, which comprises teams from the Gran Asunción area; and the Primera División B Nacional which contains the best teams from the different Departments of Paraguay.

The 4th level is similar, with the Primera División C containing only teams from the Gran Asunción area. The other subdivision is comprised by all 17 federations from each Paraguayan Department (governed by the UFI), which in turn, contain several regional leagues that cover the whole country.[1]





División de Honor/Primera División
12 clubs

↓↑ 2 clubs


División Intermedia
16 clubs

↓ 1-3 clubs ↓ 1-3 clubs
↑ 1-2 clubs ↑ 0-2 clubs ↑ 0-1 club

Primera División B (metropolitan)
18 clubs

Primera División B Nacional
15 clubs

Campeonato Nacional de Interligas

?? local football teams (composed with players from the clubs of the respective regional leagues)

↓↑ 2 clubs

Primera División C
12 clubs

Regional leagues
Over 1,700 clubs in 163 leagues

↓ 1 club

Disaffiliation for one season

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