Peter Birch-Reichenwald

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Peter Birch-Reichenwald.

Peter Birch-Reichenwald (29 November 1843 – 8 July 1898) was a Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party.

He was born in Christiania to Christian Birch-Reichenwald and Jacobine Ida Sophie Motzfeldt.[1] His paternal grandfather was Paul Hansen Birch, his maternal grandfather was Peter Motzfeldt. Peter Birch-Reichenwald married Alette Marie Christensen, and the couple had eight children.[1]

He served as mayor of Christiania during 1889.

In July 1889 he was appointed Minister of Labour as a part of the first cabinet Stang. He left in March 1891[2] when the first cabinet Stang Fell. He was elected to the Norwegian Parliament in 1892, representing the constituency of Kristiania, Hønefoss og Kongsvinger. He only served one three-year term.[2] In March 1894 he was appointed Minister of the Interior as a part of the second cabinet Stang. He replaced Johan Henrik Paasche Thorne. He left in October 1895[2] when the second cabinet Stang Fell.

He died in the same city he was born.[1] A residential street Birch-Reichenwalds gate, at Sandaker in Oslo, is named after him.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Christian Homann Schweigaard
Mayor of Kristiania
Succeeded by
Karl Lous
Preceded by
Oscar Jacobsen
Minister of Labour
Succeeded by
Hans Hein Theodor Nysom
Preceded by
Johan Henrik Paasche Thorne
Minister of the Interior
Succeeded by
Thomas von Westen Engelhart