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Peter Boström (born May 19, 1971) is a Swedish music producer and songwriter. He is also known as Bassflow.

Boström wrote his first song at the age of seven. In 1992, at the age of 21, he started Bassflow Productions, a production company near Stockholm, Sweden. As a producer, Peter worked with a number of well-known Swedish artists including Bosson, Basic Element, Petrus, E-Type, Ola Svensson, Martin Stenmarck, Carola, Charlotte Perrelli and others. He also wrote a number of songs for Melodifestivalen performers. In 2008, he signed for peermusic Sweden.[1]

Under the pseudonym Bassflow, Boström has made many radio-friendly productions and radio remixes for a number of songs amongst others: "Gloria" by Mando Diao, "What's the Point" by Johnossi and "Split My Personality" by Salem Al Fakir, in additions to songs by Pain, Martin Stenmarck, and the Norwegian group Donkeyboy (who got their breakthrough in Sweden with the Bassflow version of "Ambitions").

In 2012, he both won and lost the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, with a song he co-wrote for Swedish entry Loreen placing 1st with 372 points and a song he co-wrote for Norwegian entry Tooji placing last in the final with only 7 points.


Boström has composed many successful songs. A selective list follows:

He also co-wrote and produced five Eurovision songs:

  • "Stay", the Norwegian entry in Eurovision Song Contest 2012 by Tooji (Placed 26th and last in the final with 7 points)
  • "Euphoria", the Swedish entry in Eurovision Song Contest 2012 by Loreen (winner with 372 points)
  • "Amanecer", the Spanish entry in Eurovision Song Contest 2015 by Edurne (Placed 21st in the final with 15 points)[2]
  • "The Best in Me", the French entry in Eurovision Song Contest 2020 by Tom Leeb (TBA)
  • "Popular"*, the Swedish entry in Eurovision Song Contest 2011 by Eric Saade (Placed 3rd in the final with 185 points)

"*" = song produced and not co-written by Boström


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