Pirates of the Plain

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Pirates of The Plain
Pirates of the Plain.jpg
DVD cover
Directed byJohn R. Cherry III
Written byJohn R. Cherry III
StarringTim Curry
Seth Adkins
Charles Napier
Dee Wallace
Distributed byPromark Entertainment Group
Release date
Running time
93 minutes
CountryUnited States

Pirates of the Plain is a 1999 independent family adventure film, directed and written by John R. Cherry III, and starring Tim Curry and Seth Adkins.

Pirates of the Plain details the adventure of Jezebel Jack (Tim Curry), a pirate that is sent to the future where he meets Bobby (Seth Adkins), a young boy with an overactive imagination.

Plot summary[edit]

Bobby, who lives on a farm in an unspecified area of Nebraska with his mother, Glenna (Dee Wallace), and grandfather (Charles Napier), is a typical eight-year-old boy with an overactive imagination. Often receiving punishment for his make-believe adventures, Bobby believes his imagination to be a negative trait. When Bobby's grandfather falls and breaks his arm due to an approaching storm, Bobby is left on the farm alone while his mother accompanies his grandfather to the hospital.

During this storm, a "vortex in time" is created and deposits "Captain" Jezebel Jack, a self-centered pirate who was forced to walk the plank on his own ship and sent into the vortex. Jack awakes in a field of wheat, where he finds Bobby, who tends to his wounds after he loses consciousness again.

While adapting to the advances of modern technology (such as a television), Jack is told of an old buried treasure map by Bobby, and demands they follow the map. Bobby explains that his grandfather explained to him the story, and that the map is written in some unknown code. Jack says that the map is in "Adventurer's Code", in which he is fluent. The two immediately begin to follow the map, and quickly find the treasure buried under an old tool shed.

Shortly after uncovering the treasure, another vortex in time is opened, and the rest of Jack's mutinied crew is deposited. The crew quickly learn of the treasure, and open attack on Jack and Bobby, who are forced to defend the house and the treasure. After Bobby, who has by now become close friends with Jack, is captured and held in ransom, Jack is forced to hand over what is believed to be the treasure. The boy is released, but Jack is forced to stay with the crew, who are teleported back to their native time.

The crew quickly discover that the treasure they received is a counterfeit: bricks covered in aluminum foil. By the time the crew realize that they've been tricked, Jezebel Jack is able to retreat to the murky water, where he is once again deposited to the Nebraska plains.


  • Tim CurryJezebel Jack, a self-centered pirate captain who is mutinied against, and made to walk the plank. He believes that all morals should be based on monetary gain. Jack later learns the value of friendship and loyalty, after becoming close with Bobby.
  • Seth AdkinsBobby, an 8-year-old boy with an active imagination. While sometimes wary that his imaginative adventures may be "bad", he seems to quickly befriend Jack, despite Jack's strange garb. Deeply attached to his mother and grandfather. Appears to be unaware of the financial state of his family.
  • Dee WallaceGlenna, Bobby's mother. Loving of Bobby, she is often concerned that his imagination may bring him harm in the end. Also expresses concern that their ranch home may be repossessed by the bank, as well as concern over the health of her father.
  • Charles NapierGrandpa (actual name not mentioned), Glenna's father and Bobby's grandfather. A bit of an adventurer, Grandpa appears to love Bobby and Glenna, but expresses concern that Glenna may be too strict on her son. Grandpa likes to feed his grandson's imagination by telling him adventurous stories, as well as showing approval for his make-believe tales.
  • Jeffrey Buckner FordMr. Skinner, two-faced banker scheming to take over Glenna's farm to get in good with his bosses.


Actor Jim Varney was originally considered for a role, but was ultimately unable to appear in the film due to declining health. Varney had previously worked with Cherry on the Ernest P. Worrell films. This was one of only two films Cherry directed that did not feature Ernest (the other being For Love or Mummy, a Laurel and Hardy tribute).[1] Filming took place in Cape Town, South Africa.[citation needed]

The film crew spent months in Africa's veld, constructing a full-size pirate ship and growing wheat on a hundred acres of land to resemble Nebraska, as the script required that the ship sail across waves of grain. The ship was built on a tractor-trailer frame.[2]


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