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Poghos Poghosian (Armenian: Պողոս Պողոսյան; 1958–September 25, 2001) was an ethnic Armenian from the Javakhk region of Georgia.[1] He was killed at Poplavok cafe in Yerevan on September 25, 2001 by the bodyguards of then President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan[2].

While at the cafe, a seated Poghos saw Kocharyan (a former classmate) leaving the cafe with Charles Aznavour and greeted him by saying "Hi Rob" (պրիվոտ Ռոբ, privet Rob) as they left.[2] This very casual greeting was taken as an insult by the president,[3][4] and his bodyguards approached Poghosyan's table and asked to have a word with him. He was taken to the toilet where he was beaten and declared dead 10 minutes later by an ambulance paramedic.[5][6]

It took days for the media to report on this murder by the president's bodyguard, witnessed by hundreds of people. Human Rights Watch said that witnesses feared coming forward during the trial.[6] The trial was quick, with one of President Kocharyan's bodyguards, Aghamal Harutiunian, charged with involuntary manslaughter.[6] He was sentenced with a year of probation.[1]


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