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Port of Yangpu
Port of Yangpu - map - 01.jpg
Map showing location of Port of Yangpu within Yangpu Peninsula
LocationYangpu Economic Development Zone,
Yangpu Peninsula, Hainan

The Port of Yangpu (Chinese: 洋浦港口; pinyin: Yángpǔ Gǎngkǒu) is a seaport located within the Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Yangpu Peninsula, Hainan, China.[1][2][3][4][5][6] [7]

洋浦港 Yangpu Port - panoramio.jpg

It has 25 berths with 15 shipping lines to Singapore, Vietnam and the Middle East, and is the biggest import and export port in the South China Sea.[3] It is operated by SDIC Yangpu Ltd.[8]


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